Carry the Music With You

Bluetooth has stormed the world of electronic market. This excellent wireless technology is not a new word to the world since millions of mobile users are already enjoying its benefits. There are several products working with this excellent technology and Bluetooth speakers are one among them.

Present generation hate wires and shows incredible craze towards wireless technologies. They need everything at their fingertips. Present generation enjoys shopping, music and movies on their latest smartphones. When they are in real entertainment mood listening to music, they need to get little more volume than the phones give them. Whether it is in your car, home or parks, now you can connect the Bluetooth speakers with your phones or other Bluetooth sets in seconds without the need of wires.

Amazing benefits

There are several amazing benefits to say about Bluetooth speakers. Some of the important among them include portability, lightweight and wireless nature. Yes, they are really portable and you can carry the speaker wherever you go without any hesitation. They come with rechargeable batteries and you can keep them at any place where you need your music. Yes, in simple terms, carry your favorite music with you wherever you go with these speakers. There is no doubt future of present electronic market depends a lot in Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth speakers.

Amazing designs and shapes

Sky is the limit when talking about the designs and shapes of Bluetooth speakers. Everyday market is noted with something new in Bluetooth speakers. They are simply superb and come in different colors, designs and shapes. You can select the best one that meets your expectations and concepts.

Bluetooth speaker v/s Regular speakers  

One of the important differences between Bluetooth and regular speakers is the presence of wires. Regular speakers can’t work without wires to connect it with the sound system. On the other hand Bluetooth speakers are completely made free from wires. There are no chances of wires getting damaged or misplacement of sockets to happen in regular use of Bluetooth speakers. Most of regular speakers are fixed on a proper and permanent place, whereas Bluetooth speakers can be placed anywhere you wish.

Buy online

It is better to buy Bluetooth speakers online. There are several reputed stores to provide you with quality speakers at affordable rates. You can buy the speakers for just the cost of a delicious dinner from a top class restaurant. Get your Bluetooth speakers and enjoy the real thrill of music anywhere at any time.

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SHARKK Boombox Review 2017

Among many brands for speakers, SHARKK may not be an outstanding choice but definitely should be one of your considerations. Why? The Bluetooth speaker SHARKK Boombox is sold at a considerably cheap price with great features. You should contemplate this brand too, especially if you are on a tight budget to afford over $200 speaker.

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This speaker comes in two color choices. They are both classic colors for speaker – black and white. If you are a person who likes to match something you wear with something you bring then this is ideal for you. On the contrary, if prefer some exotic choices then it is too bad that you only have two monotonous colors to choose from.

On Amazon, the SHARKK Bluetooth speaker is the top rated for its booming clear sound and 18+ hours battery life. Comparing to other portable speaker, fair enough this brand has one of the longest duration. You do not have to constantly charge it after per cycle of usage since it can last slightly longer than the others.

Another reason this speaker is bought by many in Amazon is because of its quality and price. For a low price like that, you get to have a speaker that produces clear audio, comparable to Beats and Jambox. In fact if you compare the SHARKK Bluetooth speaker price with those two big brands, you will know that you can save half of the price.

One of the features of this speaker is having built-in microphone which works for hands-free phone calls all mobile cell phone laptop computer and car. This is a bonus which not all inexpensive speakers have.

In the packaging, it contains an AC USB wall charging adapter, an instructional manual, a 32 inches long auxiliary cable for your non-Bluetooth devices and a 32 inches charging cable. Some speakers do not provide that many accessories like this one does.

There have been users who tried this speaker using Bluetooth and managed to get it connected at the range of about 30 feet straight line. However if you are shooting through two or three walls or more, then it starts to breakup at 25 to 30 feet. You need to consider the barrier like walls which will act as interference.

Since this speaker uses Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can easily see the level of the speaker’s battery charge on your iPhone. The speaker’s battery icon is located just next to the Bluetooth symbol on your phone (just in case if you do not know where to find it). The speaker has a rechargeable 2500 mAh lithium battery pack and it will charge in 2 hours using the AC wall adapter that comes along in the packaging when purchase. When the speaker is charging, the LED on the side is red and it goes off when the battery is fully charged.

All in all, this speaker has great features for its price. There is no reason why to reject the SHARKK Bluetooth portable speaker.

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  • Inexpensive
  • Get $10 off when buy two or more speakers
  • Portable
  • Comes with complete set of accessories
  • Has considerably long working hours


  • Limited color choices
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AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker Review 2017

Having a portable Bluetooth speaker is like carrying an amplifier in your bag. You do not need to have big gadget in order to start a mini party at anywhere. All you need is just a good quality portable Bluetooth speaker which you can bring about easily.

There are many brands available in the market. The question therefore lies on which brand to choose. Among all choices, the AmazonBasics is one of the most recommended one due to its price and quality.

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This speaker comes in 4 different colors. Each color has the same price. You can choose choose black, blue, red or white. Every color looks good and you just need to pick your favorite color if you do not know which to choose. The design is simple and modern looking with dimensions 7.3 x 2.4 x 2.8 inches. It weighs only 1.15 pounds. From the dimensions and weight, you should know that this speaker is not heavy or bulky at all for anybody to carry in their bag.

When buying a speaker, one of the few important factors will be the audible range. This AmazonBasics Bluetooth speaker can play music up to 30 feet (10 meters) from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as your smart phone, notebook or tablet. This is perfect for any home party. You get to control the speaker even though you are upstairs and the speaker is at downstairs. There is no need to come down just to do adjustments.

To use this speaker is not difficult. You only need to connect it using Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm stereo cable. Most phones have Bluetooth and this should not be a trouble at all. Just make sure that your phone’s battery is sufficient to support the whole course since having Bluetooth on will cause the battery to deplete much quicker. Just have a power bank standby if you do not want to bring your adapter to charge it at fixed spot. Another alternative is of course to use a stereo cable (not included) but this means that you have to lay your phone near the speaker.

This speaker has two internal 3Wspeakers and built-in microphone for hands-free calls. Not every speaker has this property so this is actually a bonus that you get from a not-so-expensive speaker. It has up to 15 hours of wireless play on a single charge when listening to music or making calls. This length of time should be sufficient to support a whole night of party. Also, it comes with a Micro USB to USB charging cable.

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  • Easily portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Has 4 colors to choose from
  • Can be connected using Bluetooth or stereo cable
  • Equipped with built-in microphone for hands-free calls


  • Not inclusive of stereo cable
  • Simple packaging

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How Do Bluetooth Speakers Work – A Major Trend Described

If you are one of the many people wondering how do Bluetooth speakers work and not having an idea behind their functionality, it’s time to break you to the basics of the Bluetooth speaker technology.

Just imagine – with a single click on your phone, you are connecting it to a wireless Bluetooth speaker that plays music on the go! Wait, how is the music transferred through the air? Well, it’s definitely a nifty piece of technology – actually, a connective convenience as experts describe it.

Bluetooth technology is by far one of the best global wireless standards made so that technology can advance and expand – which it did. Basically, the Bluetooth innovation was the stepping-stone upon which the WiFi was created and the main thing that oriented to keeping us connected in a better way – sharing pictures, videos and files.

At a low cost and with low power consumption, the Bluetooth technology also made wireless music playing possible – with the birth of the Bluetooth wireless speakers. Incorporating the elements innovated within our phones to a simple wireless speaker unit, the Bluetooth technology has made ‘talking to each other’ possible – working by a tiny and embedded trans-receiver or chip present in your device, which transmits radio waves that are amplified by the speakers. This is the magic formula behind Bluetooth speakers.

Wait, did we mention that not only you can play music, but you can also call using your Bluetooth speaker. There are wireless speakers available with a microphone, making your calling experience more flexible and tailored to your most exact needs. This means that whether you are in the park with your friends or at a business conference surrounded by your colleagues – enjoying a group call has never been easier than with a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

However, the major benefit of Bluetooth speakers is their portability. Knowing that you can take your speaker anywhere with you and play it without any wires – whether it’s in the forest, the park or the local cafe adds up to the wireless experience – filling you with positive melodies and loving sounds!

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5 Important Things To Know When Buying A Bluetooth Speaker

Nowadays, the marketplace is oversaturated with tech products and gadgets. As technology advance to a point we never imagined it will, the birth of both functional and non-functional accessories was made possible. Speaking about functional, but also portable and flexible to use – we present you the wireless Bluetooth speakers – one of the biggest trends nowadays.

The wireless speakers are basically anywhere – you can see them in the park, at the local store or even your workspace. The way technology minimized and replaced the conventional radio systems and receives is amazing – but it’s also a reason why if you haven’t, you must purchase a Bluetooth speaker and feel the flexible sounds as never before!

Speaking about buying a Bluetooth speaker, many people tend to overlook some important aspects. Today, we are showing the 5 top things to look for in a wireless Bluetooth speaker:

  1. Portability – The wireless Bluetooth speakers are the stepping stones of a better and more portable world where we take our music with us – anywhere we go. That is why when purchasing a wireless Bluetooth speaker, you must focus on how portable it is. Although the common speakers are minimized to the smallest units nowadays, there are still some big units. Therefore, if you need a wireless speaker for your home or office, size does not really matter to you. However, if you need it for when you are on your bike or sporting, you should go for smaller models.
  2. Volume – Sometimes, you will feel the crowd being too much noisy around your wireless speaker. That is exactly why you need to focus on Volume when buying a wireless speaker – and make sure that the one you want has perfectly loud and crisp volume options.
  3. Audio Quality – Whether you go for portability or audio quality, there is a compromise you can make on the price. However if you are looking both – and the best audio quality in your wireless Bluetooth receiver – you should put an eye to some of the most prestigious brands out there like JBL, Sony or Panasonic.
  4. Ability To Play Music From Non-Bluetooth Sources – If you didn’t know about this, now you know. Some of the wireless speakers also come with AUX ports and allow you to play music even if you don’t have the commodity of Bluetooth. This is an important factor when buying a wireless speaker and definitely one to think about – along your needs.
  5. Multi-functionality – Sure, you buy a Bluetooth speaker for its sound, however it can greet you with more than that. Some of the newer models also come with alarm and/or FM radio functions, which is always great to have if you don’t have your phone by your side or you hate using your smartphone as an alarm device.

In the end, the decision is all yours and based on your needs. There is a variety of Bluetooth models to choose from nowadays, and things like hands-free options, FM stereo, alarm are the most basic add-ons to the speakers. However, if you are opting for excellent sound quality and amazing portability, there are many exceptional apple-sized Bluetooth speakers that will greet you with their amazing performance!

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Making Music More Social

Bluetooth, the next generation technology made Bluetooth speakers the future of electronic products. Bluetooth speakers made waves in the market within hours of the introduction of the same. The primary task was to make the music more social and they have really won in their goals. Here are some of the amazing facts about these Bluetooth speakers.


As everyone knows, these speakers are wireless and are free from any of the pin sockets. That means there is no need for you to connect the speakers with plugs, smartphones or other Bluetooth devices. They are made with rechargeable batteries to make it more flexible in its working. Since they are wireless, there is no need to spend more time or effort to install the speakers. You can use the speakers within seconds of pairing it.


This excellent feature is what attracts most of the music lovers to these speakers. They come in stunning designs and are comparatively small in size to make it easy for you to carry the speakers wherever you go. You can enjoy the music on the go or at any of your favorite places where you need music. These speaker works better for you when you are camping with your loved one. Enjoy the beauty of the shining stars lying down and listening to your favorite music tracks.

Bluetooth speaker makes the music a shared experience. Enjoy music with your lover, friends or family at your favorite weekend spots. These speakers really add something special to the music listening experience. It is said that Bluetooth speakers are excellent in clarity and renders the sound with crystal clear experience of the tracks.


Bluetooth speakers doesn’t hold long list of disadvantages. One of the important factor that is said as disadvantage is its performance when compared to regular systems. Bluetooth speakers are lightweight and are underpowered and hence are not capable producing large sound as wired speakers. The supreme motto of Bluetooth speakers is portability and not large sound. Speakers from reputed companies give you sufficient sound to enjoy the music.


Tips for buying speakers

Most of the purchases for Bluetooth speakers are made online. Online stores provide you with widest collections of speakers in different models and designs. Rate ranges from rock bottom rates to top levels. Hence it is really good to compare the rates and to buy speakers of reputed brand from a trusted online store to enjoy the new experience in music listening for long time.

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JAM Classic Review 2017

Unique speaker that will exceed your expectation.

The JAM Classic Bluetooth Wireless Speaker has definitely blown us away, and exceeded our expectations. We’ve have gone through about 5 speakers already, and have been disappointed by each and every one – even the more known brands. When we came across the JAM, we were instantly attracted to the look and design of it. It’s so unique, you can hardly tell that this speaker can put out so much sound. For the price, this one can’t be missed or beat. We’re able to take this one everywhere with us (literally), and get great sound wherever we go. It also comes in a variety of different colors, which is a huge plus.

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Quick and easy set up.

Setting it up on a wireless device is extremely simple, regardless how tech savy you may be. Just simply connect to your device and you’re good to go. We have used several different devices to connect so far, and have yet to have any issue. The best part is, it can connect up to 30 feet away, which is further than most wireless speakers we’ve have had.

Average battery life.

The battery is rechargeable and provides you with about 4 hours of play time. We have pushed ours to go closer than 5, but not sure if that’s the norm, especially after using it for an extended period of time. If you connect it using the line in, you can get up to 12 hours of play which is amazing in our opinion.

We have a lot of outdoor parties at our office, and with two of these set up in the yard, people are constantly complimenting the sound of it. It really does work well. One of the con we would have to say is the battery life when you are using it wirelessly. We have seen other bluetooth devices deliver music for a longer period of time, but given the price point of this one, that isn’t a major deal.

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– 5 hour battery life.
– Loud start up tone when turning on.
– Lacks bass.
– Charging cable is a bit short.


– 30ft Bluetooth range.
– Grip material on bottom to keep it from sliding around.
– Good selection of colors.
– Very simple to operate and connect.

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Omaker M4 Review 2017

Sound quality equal to a nice stereo.

A durable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that you can take with you anywhere? Who wouldn’t be sold on such a concept? When we came across the Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker, we were immediately attracted to the fact that you can use this in the shower as well. We love listening to music in the shower, but usually have to do so using just using a regular iPhone music player, which is horrible. Beach weather is also coming, so we wanted something that we could take without having to worry about it possibly getting damaged with the water.

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The design of this speaker is also extremely impressive.

It’s small and lightweight enough that you can take with you pretty much anywhere, plus It’s extremely stylish. The high definition sounds makes this one of the best speakers that we’ve have ever owned. The music quality that comes out almost makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a concert. We have used this for a variety of different occasions, and each time we use it people ask us what kind of speaker it is.

The most spectacular part of this speaker is the fact that it is capable of 12 hours of playtime.

We haven’t actually tested that out yet since we haven’t had a need to use this for 12 hours in a row, but we have done about 6-7 with no issues at all. It only takes about 3 hours to charge up as well, so you don’t have to worry about sitting around all day waiting for a full charge. It’s extremely durable and rugged, so we know It’s going to last for a long time to come.

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