Bose SoundLink Mini II Review 2017

A true mini speaker with astounding Bose quality.

Finding the best Bluetooth speaker can be a bit overwhelming. With all of the different types and brands on the market today, It’s hard to figure out which speaker will be best for your bucks. That’s the situation our team faced recently when doing extensive research on a decent speaker. The Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth speaker has surpassed even our expectations. There are so many positive points to this particular speaker, and for the price, It’s definitely worth it.

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First of all, the advanced audio performance delivers a full range listening experience. We have seen/heard other similar speakers, but our team have never heard sound so sharp and clear as this one. It’s small and light so we weren’t expecting such amazing sound out of it. The size makes it easy for us to carry literally anywhere.

It’s extremely easy to set up as well. You can connect wirelessly to your bluetooth device, with just a few clicks of different buttons. We understand that those who are not as technically inclined are not too great at connecting Bluetooth, but this is extremely easy to connect. Battery life is also another huge plus. It’s a lithium-ion battery, with 10 hours of playing time life on it. That makes it easy for day trips and not having to worry about the charge dying in just a few hours is a huge plus.

Clean and basic design


We admire the Bose Soundlink Mini II Bluetooth speaker’s sleek design. Like we said, It’s small and light, so easy to carry with us anywhere that we go. It’s also extremely durable – more so than we expected for the price. We’ve done a drop test and neither a small scratch or dent has happened to it. When placed on a table, Bose’s solid design is instantly felt. The whole casing is Aluminum which gives it a feel that many electronics today don’t have. Now that is impressive!



– Sound range is bit on the bassy side.
– Reported issues of power shutting off every 5-10 minutes.
– Not waterproofed; caution when using in outdoors.
– Heavy weighing in at 2.7 pounds.
– Reported issues of connection causing sound to skip.
– Unable to charge through MicroUSB.


– Stable and solid, does not feel cheap at all.
– High volume does not distort, great for outdoors.
– Made out of solid Aluminum.
– Charger is small and compact.

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