Etekcity® RoverBeats T16 Review 2017

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Difference between the T3 and T16

With four Bluetooth speakers in production, Etekcity® offers two small and easily portable Rover Beats, the T3 and T16. While both speakers appear to be very similar, the difference in sound quality is quite apparent. In our comparison the T16 outperformed against the T3 in clearer sound quality and deeper bass. Rover Beats T16 is a great predecessor to the similar T3 model, which was the first cheap and portable speaker offered by Etekcity. The T16 once priced at $50, but is now being offered for $20, the same price as the T3.

The Impressive Sound Quality of RoverBeats T16

Don’t let the size fool you because this little speaker puts earlier Bluetooth speakers to shame. At half the size of a soda can it features a slick, modern cylinder design that can blend into your office, bedroom or any other small areas. Sound quality is a perfect range of clear, crisp sound accompanied by just the right amount of bass that can be heard from a range of 30+ feet at max volume. Bass-heavy tracks retained most of the lows and high notes and do not suffer from the same noise distortion at high volume levels that are commonly experienced with smaller portable speakers.

Battery Life

The internal battery is equipped with a lithium-ion 400mAh. We put the T16 on a battery test, which yield 6-8 hours of continuous playing time. 7 hours of continuous usage is great for the outdoors. The T16’s battery life surprised us due to its size. Smaller speakers usually means a smaller, shorter battery.

The Design and Portability

T16’s size and portability is mainly why we are interested in this speaker. The small and compact design makes it easy to bring this speaker wherever you go. The T16 comes with an extremely convenient carrying pouch that hooks to your jacket, belt loop, or backpack. The small size of the T16 allows you to easily take it out to play music, and tuck it away when not in use.


– Poor microphone quality.
– Women’s greeting voice is a bit loud upon powering up.
– Takes up to 3 hours to be fully charged.
– Bluetooth connection is unstable at low power.
– Does not automatically reconnect to last device.
– No microSD slot unlike the other T3 model.


– Great clear crips sound.
– Sound range at max volume fills up a decent medium sized room.
– Sleek design, expensive look
– Portable, half a size of a 12 oz soda can
– Helpful LED light indicating connected, low battery, and charging
– Zero static through Bluetooth connection.
– Single button connection. Connection time was roughly ~45 seconds.


– A great bonus was the plush carrying case. Perfect to zip up and throw in your backpack without damage to the speaker.
– Alternative inputs are mini USB and the typical outdated 3.5mm AUX port.
– A pleasing women’s voice
– Built in microphone allows hands-free phone calls. We ran a test on the microphone quality and found that the quality was a bit poor. Nonetheless, it was audible with a little bit of static.

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