Harman Kardon Onyx Studio Review 2017

Like many other Bluetooth speakers, this brand is one of the competitive brands in the market. Its price range is more a less the same with other popular brands. You can get it at the price of $129.55 from Amazon. For a speaker which you can bring to anywhere, this price is surely affordable and reasonable.

Its design is sophisticated and modern looking. However, it comes in only two colour choices; black and white. These two are standard colours which people normally choose but it would have been better if they can provide other colours as alternatives, such as red and blue. Black and white are quite common colours.

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Some Amazon buyers who purchased this speaker commented that the fabric front cover looks fragile. It seems like it will pique easily. The fabric is less scratchy. If this can be improved, it would have been great.

To operate this speaker, you will need to have a phone with Bluetooth property. Most people are using smartphones nowadays. The Bluetooth is a built-in property in many smartphones. In fact, you can also navigate the speaker using your laptop as long as the Bluetooth is turned on.

It has a built-in rechargeable battery which can sustain up to 5 hours of playtime. This provides convenient of playing music anywhere at your home. However, it is not that great if you were to compare with other brands which promise to play up to 12 hours long. Also, some users complaint that this speaker can only function 4 hours and not exactly 5 hours as stated on the advertisement.

This speaker is manufactured to have deep bass from dual passive radiators. It has amazing audio output and delivers authentic sound. For bass lovers, you will probably like this speaker very much. Some people even commented that the speaker gives out powerful sound with great depth. This is the contribution of the excellent quality bass system used.

The Bluetooth connectivity is great. So far, there is no complaint. Some users even complimented the Bluetooth feature for it is simple to connect, has good coverage and simple to operate. It is hassle-free.

Overall, this speaker comes with an affordable price with good sound quality. However, the reliability of the battery seems a little unconvincing. Other than that, this product is well recommended.

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  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Portable
  • Operates using good coverage and simple to use Bluetooth
  • Good bass system


  • Limited colour choices
  • Short playtime hours
  • Easily pique front cover fabric

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