Lepow Modre Review 2017

The Lepow Modre Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is truly one that can’t be missed

Especially if you are new into the Bluetooth Wireless Speaker market! The overall design of this speaker is amazingly cute, and we love the fact that you can choose what color you want. We currently have the green one, and love bringing it out with us.

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For the low price point, the average person really wouldn’t expect much.

We came across this and figured it couldn’t go wrong for the price. It’s so small and lightweight, we can just easily stick it in our purse or backpack and bring it with us anywhere we go.

The next biggest pro of this speaker is the fact that it has a 45 degree slanted surface

-which helps make it deliver excellent sound quality. We have thrown many parties with this speaker as our main one, and it has blown not only ourselves, but our guests away every single time. Some people don’t even know where the sound is coming from.


It’s extremely easy to connect to your device as well.

Sometimes we have trouble with these things, but this one is simple. You just look for it on your device, connect, and you’re good to go. We currently have it connected to an iPad and an iPhone, and have yet to experience any problems at all with it. There is also 7 hours of playback, but we think we have only had it on for 4 hours straight. Still, the battery life is absolutely amazing.

Overall, this is a great little speaker that can’t be passed up. Don’t let the price point fool you, It’s a true steal.

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