Meidong Universal Water Resistance QQChocolate Portable V4.0 Review 2017


The QQChocolate portable wireless speaker by Meidong is probably a product you haven’t heard of. The reason being is that they are a relatively new company, and only excel in producing sound related products, which kind of minimizes their niche scope.

However, when it comes to overall build quality, performance and sound stability, Meidong Universal Waterproof V4.0 Bluetooth speaker blows the competition out of the water.

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Why serious audiophiles would dig it?

Normally serious audiophiles prefer sticking with popular brands such as Bose, Edifier and Creative etc. However, everyone cannot afford to buy expensive Bose Bluetooth speakers for that matter – And let’s not forget that some companies are cashing on brand name instead of delivering products that are actually worth it.

Meidong Universal Bluetooth Speakers are cheap, which is why they won’t put a dent in your wallet and you will have higher performance results in the long run. Secondly, if you were to do a little bit of reverse engineering on the actual product’s mechanics, you will find out that Meidong manufacturers used a high-grade battery to increase battery life.

Casual users have already appreciated Meidong Universal V4.0 Bluetooth Speaker battery life at its respective Amazon sales page. These are ordinary people without the luxury of mainstream brands at their disposal. They have realistic expectations from a portable Bluetooth speaker, so Meidong product lineup surpasses their expectations through longer battery life and high affordability margin.

The Good Stuff about Meidong Portable Wireless 10W Bluetooth Speaker:

  • Longer Battery Life: As stated earlier, this specific model of the Bluetooth speaker is equipped with a robust battery. In active usage state, the battery can crunch approx. 10 Hours easily, i.e. if it is fully charged. Some users have reportedly experienced uninterrupted battery performance for up to 1 week because of low overall use.

  • Full compatibility with Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. Thanks to the innovative programming, and engineering skills, this Bluetooth speaker has a long compatibility list with other devices to offer seamless entertainment 24/7.

  • For 10W output range, the speaker relatively generates good Bass and Treble variations without any distortion or breaking. You can take the volume all the way up to max, without any noticeable degradation in the music. However, this isn’t guaranteed to work every time because some file have compressed audio quality.

  • High Portability: Due to its small size, the speaker can be tucked in easily in waist bags, travel bags or hand carry luggage. People on the move generally prefer taking portable audio equipment to help them enjoy their songs and movies out there in the wild.

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Our Verdict on Meidong Bluetooth Wireless Speaker?

Overall, they did a great job at manufacturing, marketing and delivering the product as advertised. Through state of the art battery life, and an extended Bluetooth range that sometimes goes up to 30Ft. without noticeable interruption, the Meidong QQ Chocolate Bluetooth Wireless V4.0 speaker offers value to for the price tag.

Yeah, it is not too pricey, and despite of its mediocre plastic build, the speaker does not fail to impress in the slightest bit possible – Highly recommended to budget conscious users, and people on the move.

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