Some Fun Things Audiophiles Hardly Know about Bluetooth Portable Speakers

Although Bluetooth portable speakers are high in demand these days, a lot of us hardly know few basic facts about them. If you have time and granted that you are more of a casual gadget lover, take a look at some of the interesting stuff about portable speakers that we scooped off the internet.

  • They are Not a Means to an End!

Yep, it’s true. Buying a bad ass Bluetooth speaker system or a high end portable Bluetooth speaker does not mean that they are going to be the perfect replacement for a home theater. At its core, you are still spending money on a portable speaker that will not generate 5.1 surround sound or Dolby standard audio.

While the market is brimming with Bose, Sony, B&H and many top-quality brands, a high end Bluetooth speaker is going to do just as much work as a normal quality portable speaker will. You can enjoy an occasional dash of Frank Sinatra during a summer afternoon hike, or some movies on that vacation, but that’s about it.

The earth-shaking results are normally expected and delivered in case of properly installed home theater. That being said, we didn’t mean to discourage you from buying Bluetooth speakers. They are unique in their own way, and can be a lot of fun if you know what you are into.

  • Mind that Bluetooth Version:

Before you actually buy a dandy Bluetooth speaker, keep an eye out for the Bluetooth version. Ranging from 2.0 and all the way up to version 4.0, the technology offers a variety of limitations and features.

The latest Bluetooth standard: 4.0 speakers are not only portable, but come with smart energy saving batteries that were not introduced in previous hardware versions.

However, your money should be well spent on a speaker that fulfills the basic purpose. It isn’t necessary for a 4.0 Bluetooth speaker to be as much efficient as its predecessor. Sometimes, earlier, or classic models can tout out a great deal of results without offering too much on the technical aspects side. Yes, you may have heard about the latest 4.0 Bluetooth speaker to be compatible with NFC pairing technology, but honestly how many of us bump our devices with each other to pair them?

  • Don’t confuse Wi-Fi Speakers with Bluetooth Portable Speakers!

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are two different technologies. Likewise, if you are looking to purchase Wi-Fi only  speakers, and expect them to work like their Bluetooth counterparts, you will most likely have a few problems.

First of all, Wi-Fi only devices need a wireless internet connection to remain active and functional. Secondly, if you have a wireless access somewhere, the speaker will work as long as the internet device is powered On, and you are within the service radius.

On the contrary, Bluetooth is a commonly embedded technology in millions of hardware devices these days. You can pair the Bluetooth speaker with any media hub within the house, and it will continue to work as long as there’s uninterrupted power available. Perhaps one of the reasons as to why people prefer Wi-Fi only speakers is because a direct wireless internet connection offers more speed, hence increasing simultaneous streaming results.

Eventually, the choice is yours. Feel free to look around at Amazon for a wide variety of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi compatible devices.  In conclusion, it is absolutely necessary to know a thing or two about portable Bluetooth speakers. Think of it from an investment point of view. A reliable speaker can accompany you with flawless performance for years to come.

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