UE BOOM Review 2017

With the advancement of technology today, people get to enjoy wireless Bluetooth speaker which is small, easily portable, and excellent in quality and on top of all, with an affordable price. There are many brands in the market but this article will be about the UE Boom’s wireless Bluetooth speaker.

As it is small in size, you can bring it anywhere you go. You can basically fit it into your bag and bring it to any occasion. Though it is small, it is compact and tough, not easily broken. You do not have to baby care it while enjoying yourself.

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From the aspect of features, the Boom’s speaker has more options than some other brands. For example, it has NFC, speakerphone and double up features. These are extras which some users may not use. However, it is always better to buy something with some extras.

According to many real-purchase buyers, this speaker provides excellent sound quality which you can hardly complain anything about it. Some people compared this speaker to the other brands’ and concluded that there is no outstanding winner. This speaker is definitely on par competitive with other expensive brands that you have come across. The sound produced by Booms is being described as crisper and cleaner, less distortion of background noise.

This is a popular brand which is chosen by many Amazon buyers. Most people gave positive feedback for this product. There are only a small fraction of people who are not too satisfied with it because of its short battery life after using some time. Also, some people complaint that the range of Bluetooth sensitive connectively seems to shorten after a while.

Though this product received complaints, their customer support is diligent in settling this problem politely. They provided suggestions on how to improve the problems faced by customers. For example, to solve the battery issue, they suggested users to try using a different USB charging cable or charge the speaker in a different USB port and ensure that it is plugged in directly and firmly. As for connectivity issue, they suggest users to un-pair and re-pair the UE Boom with their Bluetooth device. Then, check for possible signal interference from other wireless devices near to the speaker and Bluetooth device. If this does not do the trick yet, then try to pair the speaker with another audio source or reset it.

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  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Portable
  • Small in size
  • Has extra features which other speakers do not offer


  • Shortened battery life after some time usage
  • Shortened Bluetooth connectivity after some time usage

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